Sunny The Horse

Tan and white horse outside of Stayton Oregon

We have a new guest photographer today! My friend Marilee Darby sent along this adorable photo. Her description:

Sunny the horse. Taken on Thanksgiving 2010. Sunny lives between Stayton and Lyons on Kingston Lyons Rd.

Sunny’s a beautiful creature. Thanks, Marilee, for everything.

New camera fund update!!

I received another donation, bringing the donation total to $480! I am absolutely amazed, humbled, and so thankful. I was able to order a refurbished Canon Rebel T2i via the Canon Loyalty Program for $447.99. It should arrive by Thursday. I’ll also be able to purchase an extended warranty (it comes with a 90-day).

I couldn’t have done this alone, not to mention you guys have made me feel pretty good, as well. Thank you so much.

I took down the donation button, since we’ve reached our goal. You guys rock!

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