Wash Our Sins Away

A whole bunch of rain coming down on Marion Street in Stayton Oregon

If you’ve heard anything about Oregon, it’s probably that it rains a lot here. The summer is pretty dry, but the rest of the time, we do get the rain. I’m not complaining, though, because that rain is what makes Oregon beautiful.

I took this photo last month on Marion St. where it crosses 3rd Ave. I had stopped under a tree to avoid the torrent of rain you see in the picture. The building on the left is US Bank. The building at the end of the road is the library. The building in the middle… I don’t know what it is, but it has (or possibly had, since I haven’t look recently) a wooden flamingo on it.

The trees came from Mother Nature. The streets came from big trucks filled with stuff they make streets from. The vehicles came from mommy and daddy vehicles who love each other very much, or maybe it was a one night stand. I don’t know. The wood of the pole came from a tree.

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