Happy New Year’s Eve

Black cows celebrating New Year's Eve in Stayton Oregon

Black cows and a calf in a field in Stayton OregonHere we are, on the final day of 2012. What a year it’s been. We survived the Mayan non-apocalypse and the US presidential election. But forget that stuff, because it’s New Year’s Even, and it’s time to party.

As you can see in the clearly totally real and not at all Photoshopped photo above (for the less festive version of this photo, click on the thumbnail at right), even the cows of Stayton are getting in on the party. Except the one facing right, who has already passed out from all the festivities.

But they kept it safe, and did all their partying at home, where they wouldn’t have to drive and put themselves and others in danger. I hope everyone else out there will do the same. Don’t drink and drive, don’t let others drink and drive, and don’t ride in a vehicle with anyone who is drunk or even tipsy. It’s dangerous and flat out stupid to do otherwise.

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