Watch Your Step

Moss covered cement steps in Stayton Oregon

The area apparently had snowy weather yesterday, but none of it fell at my house, and I have no idea what actually happened outside of Stayton. Or my street, really. If anyone did get snow and took photos, I’d love to post them here! Or just photos of the Stayton area (which includes area towns, too!), that would be awesome, too. Check out the Contribute a Photo page for details. Thanks!

Here’s a photo from before now, which was taken next to what used to be Cartwright’s Music on 3rd Ave. Don’t worry, these stairs aren’t accessible to the general public. I shot this through the awesome music-oriented gate (see a photo I posted of it I posted a couple of years ago). The moss may make using those stairs a bit hazardous, but it sure looks cool. The stairs are right next to a water canal, which I assume contributes to the moss growth.

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