Bark Softly And Carry A Big Stick

Black dog with a large stick in water at Pioneer Park in Stayton Oregon

Some of you know of my camera’s recent trip to the shop to have its shutter problems fixed. I am happy to report it came back home yesterday, and appears to be in full working order. I want to thank all the guest photographers who helped me fill the last two weeks with some awesome photos. I still have two or three yet to post, in fact. But since I took my camera out for a spin yesterday, I figured I’d post one of the photos I took.

Well, four photos, actually. I couldn’t decide on just one. This dog was having the time of his life chasing after a rather large stick in water beside the Jordan Bridge at Pioneer Park. Did you know it’s hard to get a clear photo of a dog splashing around in the water? It is. I gave it my best shot, though.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more of the dog. He’s adorable.

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