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Trees reflected in water at Pioneer Park in Stayton Oregon

Thoughts & Dreams

This is one of the views of the water which runs underneath the Jordan Bridge at Pioneer Park. Nature’s pretty.

Sunset in Stayton Oreon

Sunset Through the Corn

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson caught this lovely sunset the other night. Thanks, Maryann!

Private property sign and gate in a field in Stayton Oregon

Private Property

I don’t know when this gate and sign went in on the land by the newish pedestrian bridge off of Florence St. …

Construction at Stayton Elementary School in Stayton Oregon

School’s Ready To Start

While construction at the various public schools is ongoing, apparently all three will be opening on time, according to That’s great, …

Stayton Municipal Courthouse in Stayton Oregon

Stayton Municipal Courthouse

The old museum on 3rd Ave. is now Stayton’s courthouse. It opened last month, but I wasn’t able to attend the opening. …

Old red barn outside of Stayton Oregon

The Other Old Barn

A few days ago, I posted an old red barn from 1951. Today we have a very similar barn just down the …

White street bridge in Stayton Oregon


I’ve posted photos of this bridge (and the one I was standing on when I took the photo) before. But I like …