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Grade school construction in Stayton Oregon

Grade School Construction

I took this photo of construction at the elementary school about two weeks ago, but forgot to post it. I bet it …

A horse next to an American flag near Sublimity Oregon

The Patriotic Horse

Patriotic horse is patriotic. Or it’s just a coincidence it’s standing next to an American flag. Or is it? Yes, it is. …

Click to see this panorama all big and stuff

Sunset Panorama

This here photo thing is a four-photo panorama of the sunset from a couple of nights ago. It was shot on 3rd …


One Big Rainbow

Guest photographer Terri Jo Adams spotted a big, beautiful rainbow just south of Stayton a couple of nights ago. She had trouble …

Two fire hydrants together in Stayton Oregon

Fire Hydrant Buddies

I had never noticed this before a handful of nights ago, but now that I have it has me wondering — why …

Longhorn cow eating grass in a field in Stayton Oregon

The Rare Unicorn Cow

I discovered this gorgeous elusive creature roaming a field across the street from Dairy Queen on Cascade Highway. As you can see, …