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Blood moon and Mars over Stayton Oregon

Blood Moon & Mars

Guest photographer Denny Barnes took this amazing photo from the lunar eclipse a few nights ago, and I am so happy he …

Some sort of farm stuff just outside of Stayton Oregon


I ventured out Shaff Rd. east of town the other day to see what I could see. I didn’t end up seeing …

Pathway to Riverfront Park in Stayton Oregon

Perfectly Pretty Park Path

This path leads back to Riverfront Park at the south end of town, next to what I guess is a water treatment …

Spring tree blossom trees outside Stayton High School in Stayton Oregon

All In A Row

These gorgeous trees line one of the baseball fields at Stayton High School on Locust St. I like them. I took a …

Barns, fields, and trees outside of Stayton Oregon

Rural Life

I can’t remember if I shot this from Kingston-Jordan Rd. or Kingston-Lyons Rd., because apparently I was not paying attention. The barns …

Orange sunset over Stayton Oregon

Better Late Than Never

For the first time in forever (I may have stolen that line from somewhere), I forgot to post a photo for today. …