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White street bridge in Stayton Oregon


I’ve posted photos of this bridge (and the one I was standing on when I took the photo) before. But I like …

Old red barn outside of Stayton Oregon

The Old Barn

This nifty old red barn on Stayton Rd., just outside of Stayton, has ’1951′ written on the front, so I’m guessing that’s …

Bee or hoverfly on a sunflower in Stayton Oregon

Alien Landscape

This wee little one (either a bee or hoverfly) was foraging for food on the face of a sunflower the other day. …

Light pole with hanging flower baskets in Stayton Oregon

Two By Two

This light pole next to the Holm Building on 2nd Ave. looked rather pretty with those beautiful hanging flower baskets on it. …

Queen anne's lace in Stayton Oregon

A Visit With The Queen

The Queen Anne’s lace flower grows all over the place here — any bit of land not regularly mowed likely sees it …

Blackberries growing wild in Stayton Oregon

Black & Red Blackberries

I spotted these blackberries growing wild near the water off of the east end of Water St. the other day, next to …