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Sheep near Stayton Oregon

We’re Expecting

No, I’m not pregnant. But a sheep in guest photographer Denny Barnes’ pasture is. His description: I know these are not cowies …

Crow On A Streetlight in Stayton Oregon

Crow On A Streetlight

I could wax poetic about the symbolism of a crow perched on a streetlight — the dichotomy of man versus nature, perhaps …

Hummingbird and spring tree blossoms in Stayton Oregon


Guest photographer Maryann Nielson caught this adorable little hummingbird on a tree in her yard the other day. Thanks, Maryann!

Bass fish swimming in water in Wilderness Park in Stayton Oregon

Big Bass

Guest photographer Tom Miller went fishing with his camera a few days ago and hooked a nice one. His description: I spotted …

Red Breasted Sapsucker birds on a tree near Stayton Oregon

This Tree Is Mine

This is too cool. From guest photographer Denny Barnes: While out with my dog hiking we saw these two battling over ownership …

Baby chicks at Wilco Farmers in Stayton Oregon

Red Chicks

I was at Wilco (an agricultural store) on 1st Ave. the other day, and saw these baby chicks for sale. They were …

Black-tailed deer in Stayton Oregon

Deer Spotting

My friend Roger tipped me off on Facebook about some deer hanging out off of Shaff Rd. yesterday, so I went to …