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Bee or hoverfly on a sunflower in Stayton Oregon

Alien Landscape

This wee little one (either a bee or hoverfly) was foraging for food on the face of a sunflower the other day. …

Dog in a field at sunset in Stayton Oregon

Turbo with Angry Sun Watching

Turbo is guest photographer Terri Jo Adams’ dog, who was outstanding in his field (insert rimshot here) in the photo. Terri Jo’s …

A horse next to an American flag near Sublimity Oregon

The Patriotic Horse

Patriotic horse is patriotic. Or it’s just a coincidence it’s standing next to an American flag. Or is it? Yes, it is. …

Longhorn cow eating grass in a field in Stayton Oregon

The Rare Unicorn Cow

I discovered this gorgeous elusive creature roaming a field across the street from Dairy Queen on Cascade Highway. As you can see, …

Male deer at a fence near Stayton Oregon

The Visitor

Guest photographer Jim Mullholand spotted this beautiful deer on his property between Stayton and nearby Scio. His description: Deer looking thru the …