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Remnants of a barn near Sublimity Oregon

A Bygone Era

And now we know. Yesterday, I posted a photo of a barn between here and Sublimity either undergoing construction or being torn …

Sunset over Stayton Oregon

Sunsets Are Pretty

Guest photographer Terri Jo Adams caught a bit of the sunset with her cell phone a couple of nights ago, and wanted …

Red Moon over Stayton Oregon

Red Moon

Guest photographer Denny Barnes sent this to me a handful of days ago, but other things came up, so I didn’t have …

Dog in a field at sunset in Stayton Oregon

Turbo with Angry Sun Watching

Turbo is guest photographer Terri Jo Adams’ dog, who was outstanding in his field (insert rimshot here) in the photo. Terri Jo’s …

Sunset over Stayton Oregon

The Last Light Of Day

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson caught this gorgeous sunset a few nights ago. Thanks, Maryann!

Lighting near Stayton Oregon

Lighting, Part II

We have more lightning images today (see also: Denny Barnes’ images)! We had a loud thunderstorm the other night, and guest photographer …

Sunset over Stayton Oreon

Last Sunset Of July

We have a new guest photographer today! Chuck Martin submitted this beautiful photo via the site’s Facebook page. His description: The last …