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Sunset in Stayton Oreon

Sunset Through the Corn

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson caught this lovely sunset the other night. Thanks, Maryann!

Bee or hoverfly on a sunflower in Stayton Oregon

Alien Landscape

This wee little one (either a bee or hoverfly) was foraging for food on the face of a sunflower the other day. …

Queen anne's lace in Stayton Oregon

A Visit With The Queen

The Queen Anne’s lace flower grows all over the place here — any bit of land not regularly mowed likely sees it …

Blackberries growing wild in Stayton Oregon

Black & Red Blackberries

I spotted these blackberries growing wild near the water off of the east end of Water St. the other day, next to …

Sunset over Stayton Oregon

Sunsets Are Pretty

Guest photographer Terri Jo Adams caught a bit of the sunset with her cell phone a couple of nights ago, and wanted …

Sunset over Stayton Oregon

The Last Light Of Day

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson caught this gorgeous sunset a few nights ago. Thanks, Maryann!

Lightning over Stayton Oregon


Guest photographer Denny Barnes is all kinds of awesome. We had a pretty big thunderstorm two nights ago, and Denny captured it …