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Pathway to Riverfront Park in Stayton Oregon

Perfectly Pretty Park Path

This path leads back to Riverfront Park at the south end of town, next to what I guess is a water treatment …

Jordan Bridge through spring blossom trees in Stayton Oregon

Spring At The Park

I was trying for artsy fartsy on with shot of the Jordan Bridge at Pioneer Park, but the cars and the barren …

Bass fish swimming in water in Wilderness Park in Stayton Oregon

Big Bass

Guest photographer Tom Miller went fishing with his camera a few days ago and hooked a nice one. His description: I spotted …

Jordan Bridge, trees, & sky reflected in water at Pioneer Park in Stayton Oregon

Pioneer Park Upside Down

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson decided life needed flipped – turned upside down, so I’d like you to take a minute just sit …

People at Pioneer Park in Stayton Oregon

Pioneer Park

We Oregonians don’t let a silly thing like winter stop us from going to public parks, especially on the nicer days. This …

A newt in Stayton Oregon

Newt Figton

Now this is something I’ve personally never seen. Guest photographer Jon Goodman found a newt while out walking. His description: This is …