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Motorcycle and cars in historic downtown Stayton Oregon


I thought this motorcycle was pretty, so I stopped to get a shot, and then figured I’d get a bit of “historic …

Old vehicle in Stayton Oregon

Back In Time

Here’s an old vehicle of some variety or another, which I spotted parked in a yard on Santiam St. Unless that bit …

Classic green Ford Mustang car in Stayton Oregon


Here’s a photo I took about a month ago (and then promptly forgot existed) of a classic green Ford Mustang. This style …

Marion County Sheriff Boat in Stayton Oregon

Marion County Sheriff Boat

This boat from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office was parked in the parking lot out in front of Bi-Mart yesterday. It wasn’t …

Red Ford Super Deluxe car in Stayton Oregon

Super Deluxe

I found this beautiful creature hanging out near an auto body shop on the south end of 2nd Ave. a few days …