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If you would like to contribute one or more photos to Stayton Daily Photo, that would be rather awesome. Photos can be of Stayton, or the surround area… Sublimity, Scio, Lyons, Mehama, Silver Falls State Park, etc. Your contributions do not need to be new photos. New or old work equally well. In fact, some shots showing some history of the town (ie., buildings no longer around, events, etc.) would be awesome.

Also note, all photography skill levels are welcome… it really doesn’t matter if you use a point and shoot, a pro grade DSLR, or something in between. I’m not exactly a pro myself. :)

You can use the contact mail form or email me your Stayton area photo to siteatspecialwebdotcom. Please include the location, a description, and date taken, and how you’d like your name or username to appear on the site. Feel free to include a web site address you’d like linked, if you have one. You will receive full credit for your submission and will retain all copyrights to your image(s). Thanks!