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Irrigation wheel line in a field outside Sublimity Oregon

Roll Out

I spotted this irrigation wheel line on the edge Sublimity a couple of days ago. The wheels look like something off of …

Farm and wheat fields outside Sublimity Oregon

A Summer’s Day

I went for a bit of a drive around the outskirts of nearby Sublimity yesterday and took some pictures of fields, farms, …

St Boniface Archives & Museum building in Sublimity Oregon

St. Boniface Archives & Museum

I took this photo of this very cool building, which resides on Main St. in nearby Sublimity, last week when I was …

Construction on Jordan Bridge in Stayton Oregon

Construction At The Jordan Bridge

Today we have a joint effort between me (the photo above) and guest photographer John Brandt (the photos below). There is construction …

A red barn between Stayton and Sublimity Oregon

Big Red Barn

I’ve posted a photo of this barn once before (shot from the other side), but I like it, so here it is …

A pink rose flower in Stayton Oregon

Once Upon A Time

After all the parades and fireworks of the last several days, I figured I’d go with a simple rose for today. I …