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Barns, fields, and trees outside of Stayton Oregon

Rural Life

I can’t remember if I shot this from Kingston-Jordan Rd. or Kingston-Lyons Rd., because apparently I was not paying attention. The barns …

Orange sunset over Stayton Oregon

Better Late Than Never

For the first time in forever (I may have stolen that line from somewhere), I forgot to post a photo for today. …

Barren tree out in a field outside of Stayton Oregon


I went for a short trip out Kingston Jordan Rd., just south of Stayton, to see what I could see. One of …

Red Ford Super Deluxe car in Stayton Oregon

Super Deluxe

I found this beautiful creature hanging out near an auto body shop on the south end of 2nd Ave. a few days …

Moon and Jupiter over Stayton Oregon

Many Moons

Guest photographer Denny Barnes went skygazing a few nights ago, and took this awesome photo. His description: I noticed last night (4/6/2014) …

Trees by the Santiam River in Stayton Oregon

The River

We had gorgeous weather yesterday, so I went out and about to take some photos. One of my stops was the boat …

Windmill at sunset near Stayton Oregon

Play with the Wind

Continuing his knack for interesting rural scenes, guest photographer Tom Miller brings us this cool sunset shot. Thanks, Tom!