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Two fire hydrants together in Stayton Oregon

Fire Hydrant Buddies

I had never noticed this before a handful of nights ago, but now that I have it has me wondering — why …

Longhorn cow eating grass in a field in Stayton Oregon

The Rare Unicorn Cow

I discovered this gorgeous elusive creature roaming a field across the street from Dairy Queen on Cascade Highway. As you can see, …

Cowboy falling off a bucking bronco at the Santiam Canyon Stampede in Sublimity Oregon

2014 Santiam Canyon Stampede – Day 2

I attended the second night of the Stampede (see also: opening night, where a lot of horse-oriented things happened. People in cowboy …

Bee on a yellow flower in Salem Oregon

Little Resident At Deepwood Estate

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson caught this little guy or gal on a flower at Deepwood Estate in nearby Salem. I’m not sure …

Irrigation sprinkler in a farm field outside Sublimity Oregon

Irrigating Circumstances

Here’s another photo from my little drive around the outskirts of nearby Sublimity. I posted a photo of an irrigation wheel line …

Farm equipment outside of Sublimity Oregon

Farm Thing

I have absolutely no idea what this is. It’s farm equipment of some sort, and both sides obviously can be dropped down …