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Windmill at sunset near Stayton Oregon

Play with the Wind

Continuing his knack for interesting rural scenes, guest photographer Tom Miller brings us this cool sunset shot. Thanks, Tom!

Sheep near Stayton Oregon

We’re Expecting

No, I’m not pregnant. But a sheep in guest photographer Denny Barnes’ pasture is. His description: I know these are not cowies …

Crow On A Streetlight in Stayton Oregon

Crow On A Streetlight

I could wax poetic about the symbolism of a crow perched on a streetlight — the dichotomy of man versus nature, perhaps …

Troll toy hooked to a tree near Stayton Oregon

Coon Hollow Troll

Guest photographer Denny Barnes has discovered a most unusual creature in the woods in the hills just outside of Stayton. I’ll let …

A Honda motorcycle in Stayton Oregon

All Motorcycles, All The Time

I’ve decided to change things up around here. So starting today, this daily photo blog will feature a photo of a motorcycle …

Weeping willow tree near Stayton Oregon

Weeping Willow

Guest photographer Tom Miller brings us a photo of one of my favorite type of trees — a weeping willow. It feels …