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Troll toy hooked to a tree near Stayton Oregon

Coon Hollow Troll

Guest photographer Denny Barnes has discovered a most unusual creature in the woods in the hills just outside of Stayton. I’ll let …

A Honda motorcycle in Stayton Oregon

All Motorcycles, All The Time

I’ve decided to change things up around here. So starting today, this daily photo blog will feature a photo of a motorcycle …

Weeping willow tree near Stayton Oregon

Weeping Willow

Guest photographer Tom Miller brings us a photo of one of my favorite type of trees — a weeping willow. It feels …

Hummingbird and spring tree blossoms in Stayton Oregon


Guest photographer Maryann Nielson caught this adorable little hummingbird on a tree in her yard the other day. Thanks, Maryann!

Jordan Bridge through spring blossom trees in Stayton Oregon

Spring At The Park

I was trying for artsy fartsy on with shot of the Jordan Bridge at Pioneer Park, but the cars and the barren …

White tree blossoms at the Oregon Garden near Silverton Oregon

So Glad To See You Well

Guest photographer Tom Miller has a photo of a tree in full bloom from the Oregon Garden, which is down the road …