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Airplane over an old truck in Stayton Oregon

Stayton International Airport

Guest photographer Tom Miller had some good timing to catch this plane going over this cool old truck. Thanks, Tom! For the …

Pink spring tree blossoms in Stayton Oregon

Happy Spring!

It’s spring! Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere where it’s autumn! I think! But here it’s spring! Why do I keep using …

Tree in bloom on 2nd Ave in Stayton Oregon

In Bloom

I adore this tree on the corner of 2nd Ave. and Marion St. I know we’ve discussed what kind of tree it …

Red Breasted Sapsucker birds on a tree near Stayton Oregon

This Tree Is Mine

This is too cool. From guest photographer Denny Barnes: While out with my dog hiking we saw these two battling over ownership …

Water rushing over rocks near Stayton Oregon

Spring Runoff

Guest photographer Tom Miller brings us this beauty for today. That rushing water is absolutely gorgeous. And look, it even has a …

Secret Window

Secret Window

Guest photographer John Brandt found this window somewhere in town, but he’s not saying where. But he offered up this by way …

Hills and clouds in Stayton Oregon

Hill Song

I took this photo of some hills on a recent cloudy day, looking west from St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery.