Before Email There Was MeIf you have any suggestions of something I should be photographing in Stayton, please let me know! A few guidelines:

  • It has to be within Stayton city limits. I drive a scooter, and generally can’t go outside of town. One exception…
  • Sublimity is good, too. I’ve been there once to take pictures, and want to go back, but I’m not sure where I should go. Ideas?
  • It has to be publicly accessible (or I need permission)! I can’t go walking through private yards, etc., without permission. Do you have a yard (with flowers, etc.) you think should be on the blog? Please let me know!
  • Events. Let me know if there are any events I should be at with my camera. I can’t make promises as to whether I’ll be there (I have health issues which make my attending scheduled things rather iffy), but I will try. Also, I might need permission to take pictures, so if you know who I can talk to regarding that, I would appreciate it.

I’m open to any suggestions (within reason, obviously). This blog is now over six years old with well over 2000 photos posted, and I would love some fresh ideas, or a new way of shooting something I’ve already photographed.

Please leave a comment below, or email me at siteatspecialwebdotcom with your suggestions. Details are good — location, dates (if applicable), etc. Thank you!

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