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Refurbished schoolhouse in Stayton Oregon

The Old Schoolhouse

It occurred to me yesterday I hadn’t swung by the old schoolhouse on 1st Ave. (behind a business or two, by the …

Building In Downtown Stayton Oregon


Does anyone know what’s up with the building on Ida St., near where it crosses 3rd Ave.? At one point it was …

Museum being renovated in Stayton Oregon

Museum Piece

A handful of months ago, it was announced the building on 2nd Ave., which is owned by the City, that had held …

Corrugated metal buildings in Stayton Oregon

So Metal

I’ve posted photos of these buildings before. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted photos of pretty much everything in Stayton before. This daily …

Santiam Historical Museum in Stayton Oregon

Santiam Historical Museum

Yesterday I popped by the Santiam Historical Museum on 2nd Ave. to see their latest additions and to take some pictures. Volunteers …

Old building and trees near Stayton Oregon


Guest photographer Tom Miller has a handle on taking awesome shots of old buildings. Thanks, Tom!

Oak Glenn School near Stayton Oregon

Old Skool

Continuing guest photographer Tom Miller’s effort to brings us some knowledge along with his photos, we have today’s lesson: I’ve driven by …