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campbell-grier cemetery

Campbell-Grier Cemetery near Sublimity Oregon

Campbell-Grier Cemetery

How about a random shot of the Campbell-Grier Cemetery, also known as Stayton Pioneer Cemetery. It’s located just outside of Stayton city …

Motorcycles at Campbell-Grier Pioneer Cemetery outside of Stayton Oregon

Summer Visit

We have a new guest photographer today! Katie Staley brings us this beautiful look back at last summer, which is especially nice …

Tombstone at Campbell-Grier just outside of Stayton Oregon

Seize The Day

I took this photo during sunset at Campbell-Grier Cemetery, which is just outside of Stayton. There were about a gazillion little bugs …

Two trees silhouetted by a sunset at Campbell-Grier Cemetery near Stayton Oregon

Just The Two Of Us

I’ve been ill this week, so going out and taking pictures hasn’t been working out. I took this in mid-July at Campbell-Grier …

Sunrise at Campbell-Grier Cemetery outside of Stayton Oregon

Good Morning To The Memories

I couldn’t sleep a few days ago, so I went over to the Campbell-Grier Cemetery just before sunrise to see what I …

Campbell-Grier Cemetery

Campbell-Grier Cemetery

(Click here to see my Flickr photoset of the cemetery!) I took a trip yesterday to the Campbell-Grier Cemetery, which sits just …