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Classic green Ford Mustang car in Stayton Oregon


Here’s a photo I took about a month ago (and then promptly forgot existed) of a classic green Ford Mustang. This style …

Red Ford Super Deluxe car in Stayton Oregon

Super Deluxe

I found this beautiful creature hanging out near an auto body shop on the south end of 2nd Ave. a few days …

A car covered in snow in Stayton Oregon

The Car In Snow

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson brings us this photo of a snow-encumbered car. If I’m not mistaken, this is our friend Car. You …

Car for sale in Stayton Oregon

For Sale

This older car was sitting in the parking lot next to the Masonic Lodge on 3rd Ave. the other day. The setting …

An old car in a field in Oregon

Never Give The Devil A Ride

We have another awesome rural scene from guest photographer Tom Miller. Thanks, Tom! Attention Google+ and Twitter Users I finally created a …