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Cinnabar moth caterpillars in Stayton Oregon

Business Lunch

I wait for these little critters to appear every year along the edge of the water canal at the east end of …

Macro of a cinnabar moth caterpillar in Stayton Oregon

My Little Friend

This cinnabar caterpillar was hanging out on a railing on the south end of 4th Ave. the other day. I posted a …

Cinnabar moth caterpillars on ragwort in Stayton Oregon


I think these little critters are cinnabar moth caterpillars. There were a bunch of them on some wild ragwort down by the …

Yellow and black fuzzy caterpillar in Stayton Oregon

So Punk

This little fella (assuming it is a he, of course) was climbing on the back of my house a couple of days …

Fuzzy Wuzzy caterpillar macro in Stayton Oregon

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Guest photographer Jon Goodman sent in today’s awesome macro photo. His description: This Wooly Bear (or Fuzzy Wuzzy) caterpillar was found on …



I went to take some pictures of a small bridge in Stayton, when I came across this little fella. I never did …