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Sunset Panorama

This here photo thing is a four-photo panorama of the sunset from a couple of nights ago. It was shot on 3rd …

Dramatic clouds in the sky in Stayton Oregon

Dramatic License

I like clouds. They can be light and fluffy and fun, or dark and dramatic like the clouds above. And since this …

Hills and clouds in Stayton Oregon

Hill Song

I took this photo of some hills on a recent cloudy day, looking west from St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery.

A bird in the sky over Stayton Oregon

It’s A Bird…

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson was looking up at the sky (because that’s where the sky is located, unless they moved it without …

Sun behind the clouds in Stayton Oregon

The Sun That Tried

Guest photographer Terri Jo Adams documented the sun’s efforts for us yesterday. Her description: I could feel the sun trying its hardest …

Storm clouds over Stayton Oregon

Storm Clouds Moving In

I took this from 3rd Ave. (near where it crosses Fern Ridge Rd.) looking north over nearby Sublimity yesterday afternoon. I like …

Clouds in the sky in Stayton Oregon

Cloud Formations

Guest photographer Terri Jo Adams spotted these lovely clouds… they certainly are pretty. Thanks, Terri jo.