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Dramatic clouds in the sky in Stayton Oregon

Dramatic License

I like clouds. They can be light and fluffy and fun, or dark and dramatic like the clouds above. And since this …

Hills and clouds in Stayton Oregon

Hill Song

I took this photo of some hills on a recent cloudy day, looking west from St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery.

A bird in the sky over Stayton Oregon

It’s A Bird…

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson was looking up at the sky (because that’s where the sky is located, unless they moved it without …

Sun behind the clouds in Stayton Oregon

The Sun That Tried

Guest photographer Terri Jo Adams documented the sun’s efforts for us yesterday. Her description: I could feel the sun trying its hardest …

Storm clouds over Stayton Oregon

Storm Clouds Moving In

I took this from 3rd Ave. (near where it crosses Fern Ridge Rd.) looking north over nearby Sublimity yesterday afternoon. I like …

Clouds in the sky in Stayton Oregon

Cloud Formations

Guest photographer Terri Jo Adams spotted these lovely clouds… they certainly are pretty. Thanks, Terri jo.

Colorful clouds at sunset in Stayton Oregon


When I was at the Never2Late concert on Thursday, I look up over a building and this cloud was sitting there, all …