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Sunset over Stayton Oregon

Last Night’s Sunset

I had planned on posting another snow photo for today, but then guest photography Dorothy Loftin sent me this, and there went …

Sunset near Jefferson Oregon

Fire In The Sky

Guest photographer Dorothy Loftin found some beautiful color in the sky a couple of nights ago. Her description: On my way home …


Fields Aflame

Guest photographer Dorothy Loftin took some field burning photos yesterday, and she had a lot to of fields to choose from. Her …

Praying mantis insect in Stayton Oregon

Praying Mantis

Guest photographer Dorothy Loftin got up close and personal for today’s photo. Her description (and be sure to click on the thumbnail …

Horse-drawn wagon in Jefferson Oregon

Just Another Day

Guest photographer Dorothy Loftin spotted this awesome slice of life. Her description: While driving home today I saw this horse-drawn wagon in …

Tulip flowers in Jefferson Oregon

Beautiful Blooms

Guest photographer Dorothy Loftin found these lovely flowers (tulips?) in her sister’s yard in nearby Jefferson. So lovely. Thanks, Dorothy!

Flower on a rock in Stayton Oregon

For All To Enjoy

Guest photographer Dorothy Loftin spotted this nice surprise. Her description: Walking to my car yesterday I found someone had left this here …

A raccoon on a street in Stayton Oregon

A Thief Spotted In Stayton

BREAKING NEWS A masked bandit has been seen around Stayton in recent days, and no garbage can is safe. Witness Dorothy Loftin …