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A pink rose flower in Stayton Oregon

Once Upon A Time

After all the parades and fireworks of the last several days, I figured I’d go with a simple rose for today. I …

Orange and yellow lily in Stayton Oregon

When I Was Young

There were some very lovely orange lilies growing at the edge of Pioneer Park a couple of days ago, so here’s one …

A flower in Stayton Oregon

Flower Power

It’s been like a virtual flower garden here on the site lately, and I love it. We have two beautiful flower photos …

Pink flower in Stayton Oregon

Room To Breathe

Guest photographer Tom Miller captured this beautiful flower photo… I’m not sure what kind of flower it is, but it’s certainly pretty. …

Red roses in Stayton Oregon

Open Arms

The rose bushes along the edge of the parking lot at the Community Center on Virginia St. have started to bloom, which …

Lupine flowers near Stayton Oregon


Guest photographer Tom Miller sent this photo of some beautiful flowers he found: I haven’t taken many flower photos, so I thought …