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Pink spring tree blossoms in Stayton Oregon

Happy Spring!

It’s spring! Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere where it’s autumn! I think! But here it’s spring! Why do I keep using …

Deep purple crocus flowers in Stayton Oregon

Purple People

I found these lovely deep purple crocus flowers hanging around outside one of the SCTC buildings on 2nd Ave. a couple of …

Purple spring crocus flowers in Stayton Oregon

Spring Might Actually Be On Its Way

Look, spring crocus flowers! In bloom! I think perhaps possibly maybe this means we might see spring sometime eventually. Because flowers! Yay!

Wild clover flower in Stayton Oregon

To Win Your Favor

I have been told this is a wild clover flower. I found it growing next to the water off of the south …

Pink dahlia bud flower in Stayton Oregon


I took this picture of a dahlia flower on its way to blooming somewhere along Ida St. I used a camera and …

Close-up of a red flower in Stayton Oregon

Come Undone

I have been informed this flower is a dahlia. I can neither confirm nor deny that claim myself. I do know I …