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Remnants of a barn near Sublimity Oregon

A Bygone Era

And now we know. Yesterday, I posted a photo of a barn between here and Sublimity either undergoing construction or being torn …

Sunset over Stayton Oregon

The Last Light Of Day

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson caught this gorgeous sunset a few nights ago. Thanks, Maryann!

Field and trees in Stayton Oregon

A Lovely View

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson caught this lovely scene from Shaff Rd. the other day. You’d hardly know it was right at the …

A flower in Stayton Oregon

Flower Power

It’s been like a virtual flower garden here on the site lately, and I love it. We have two beautiful flower photos …

Bright orange spiky flowers in Stayton Oregon


Guest photographer Maryann Nielson sent along these very cool looking flowers. I have no idea what they are, but I want some. …

The Scio Museum in Scio Oregon

Man At The Scio Depot Museum

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson encountered this man — presumably the train conductor — standing beside a train at the Scio Depot Museum …

Hummingbird and spring tree blossoms in Stayton Oregon


Guest photographer Maryann Nielson caught this adorable little hummingbird on a tree in her yard the other day. Thanks, Maryann!