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Jordan Bridge through spring blossom trees in Stayton Oregon

Spring At The Park

I was trying for artsy fartsy on with shot of the Jordan Bridge at Pioneer Park, but the cars and the barren …

Bike rider at Neitling Park in Stayton Oregon

Mystery Rider

Here’s a shot of some random person riding their bike along the path at Neitling Park. Hey, you! Are you following Stayton …

People playing disc golf at Pioneer Park in Stayton Oregon

Disc Golfing

I went by Neitling Park (was is the official designation of that part — is it a separate park, or is it …

Birdseed Mystery

Birdseed Mystery

Guest photographer John Brandt found these hanging birdseed feeders on the trees along a path at Pioneer Park. He was wondering about …

Pink spring tree blossoms in front of Jordan Bridge in Pioneer Park in Stayton Oregon


This is why I love spring — it’s so danged colorful. The bright pink trees in front of the Jordan Bridge at …