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Ribbons tied to a chain-link fence at Stayton Elementary School in Stayton Oregon

Fenced Sky

Guest photographer Patrick took a picture of something I’d been meaning to investigate, but hadn’t succeeded. His description: I was driving north …

California poppy flowers surrounding tree trunks in Stayton Oregon

Beauty Within The Ruins

Guest photographer Patrick went looking for a found some beauty where one might not expect to find it. His description: I found …

Vintage red Ford Mustang and Chevy Bel Air cars in Stayton Oregon

Quite The Pair

Guest photographer Patrick spotted some very pretty cars out there in the wilds. His description: When I saw these two cars parked …

Flock of geese flying up in the air in Stayton Oregon


Guest photographer Patrick couldn’t have taken a more perfect photo for the leap day today. his description: I was over on Wilco …

Winter snow on trees outside of Stayton Oregon

A Winter Scene

Yep, I’m still posting snow photos, despite the snow having melted days ago. Snow doesn’t happen around here often, so I like …

Snow on trees and ground near Stayton Oregon

From The Back Porch

The great big huge snowfall of January may be but a memory, but that doesn’t mean I can’t post more photos of …

Scarecrows in a foggy field in Stayton Oregon


Guest photographer Patrick brings us today’s photo of some scarecrows. They can be found in a large field along Cascade Highway, near …

Fungus mushrooms on the ground outside of Stayton Oregon


Yes, friends, we have fungus for today, taken by guest photographer Patrick. You’re welcome.