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Construction on Jordan Bridge in Stayton Oregon

Construction At The Jordan Bridge

Today we have a joint effort between me (the photo above) and guest photographer John Brandt (the photos below). There is construction …

Orange and yellow lily in Stayton Oregon

When I Was Young

There were some very lovely orange lilies growing at the edge of Pioneer Park a couple of days ago, so here’s one …

Lawn daisies at Pioneer Park in Stayton Oregon

Lawn Daisies

These very small little flowers were popping up in various places on the grass at Pioneer Park the other day. They are …

Jordan Bridge through spring blossom trees in Stayton Oregon

Spring At The Park

I was trying for artsy fartsy on with shot of the Jordan Bridge at Pioneer Park, but the cars and the barren …

People at Pioneer Park in Stayton Oregon

Pioneer Park

We Oregonians don’t let a silly thing like winter stop us from going to public parks, especially on the nicer days. This …

The Stayton-Jordan Bridge covered in snow in Stayton Oregon

Snow At The Jordan Bridge

We have another new guest photographer today! Vicki Doucette took this absolutely gorgeous shot of the Jordan Bridge, the covered bridge at …