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Jordan Bridge, trees, & sky reflected in water at Pioneer Park in Stayton Oregon

Pioneer Park Upside Down

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson decided life needed flipped – turned upside down, so I’d like you to take a minute just sit …

A large thing underneath a bridge in Stayton Oregon

Big Round Thing

You’ll have to excuse my use of extremely technical terms in today’s post title. I hope I haven’t sent anyone running to …

The Stayton-Jordan Bridge covered bridge at Pioneer Park in Stayton Oregon

A Day Like Any Other

It’s been a while since I last posted a photo of the Jordan Bridge — and by “a while” I mean a …

Trees and a bridge reflected in a small water canal in Stayton Oregon

I Could Never Let You Go

I posted a picture of the tree in the middle back in June. I’m doing it again because the sky was very …

Bridge posts reflected in water in Stayton Oregon


I’m once again short on photos to post, so here’s a photo of the little street bridge on 4th Ave. reflected in …

Tree branch reflection in water in Stayton Oregon

No More

I took today’s photo from the bridge in yesterday’s photo. Which, I might add, was not easy, because the railings on the …