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All You Need Is Love

These chalk hearts were drawn on a sidewalk downtown on 3rd Ave. the other day. They made me smile.

Curb Cuts

I was very happy to see the City putting in curb ramps on the corners of Hollister St. and 3rd Ave. a …

Pre-game Party

As the universe knows, yesterday was the Superbowl. Before the game, I went out on my scooter and spotted this group hanging …

Snow-covered sidewalk with a fence and bushes in Stayton Oregon


Today’s photo is another from the spring snowfall we had last week. This sidewalk runs in front of a neighbor’s house… there …

Walkway in front of Subway at night in Stayton Oregon

Now That I Know The Way

I took this in front of Subway on Shaff Rd. late one night earlier this month. It’s looking towards the Roth’s grocery …

Tree-lined sidewalk in Stayton Oregon

Walk Through

This is part of the sidewalk along Shaff Rd., across from the Roth’s grocery store. It’s nifty when the light is right.

Orange autumn tree leaves along a sidewalk in Stayton Oregon

Nearly There

The other day, I said I was posting my last autumn leaves photo for the season. I lied. I went by the …