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Anywhere You Want To Go

I happened to notice this weather vane on top of the Holm Building on 2nd Ave., a few evenings ago, and thought …

Because The Night

Yesterday was Sunset Day over on Google+, where a bunch of people took photos of the sunset and posted them to Google+. …

Laid Bare

When I was down by the Santiam River the other night, I caught this plant thing silhouetted against the golden hue of …

Golden sunset against silhouetted trees in Stayton Oregon

You Know It When You Find It

Guest photographer Greg McWayne captured this absolutely gorgeous sunset, which he graciously let me post here for all to see. Thanks, Greg!

Tree branches silhouetted by fog and a street light in Stayton Oregon

Be Not Afraid

It was really foggy last night, so I went outside and took a few photos of tree branches silhouetted and illuminated by …

Tree branches silhouetted at sunset in Stayton Oregon

Good Ol’ Days

I hate to post basically the same thing two days in a row, but the weather around here has been less than …

Grasses silhouetted against the sky at sunset in Stayton Oregon

Happily Ever After

I took this at sunset the other day. That’s some sort of grass or something. Yep.

Sunset photo with clouds in Stayton Oregon

Be Still

Yes, I posted a sunset photo yesterday. But I’ve been ill the last couple of days, so… here’s another sunset photo. In …