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Red Chicks

I was at Wilco (an agricultural store) on 1st Ave. the other day, and saw these baby chicks for sale. They were …

Macleay Country Store

Guest photographer Tom Miller went to the outskirts of Salem (more or less) to get this shot of the Macleay Country Store. …

Christmas Buzz

The Daily Buzz coffee place on 1st St. in front of Wilco looked cute with its holiday lights a couple nights ago.

Movin’ On Up

This creative bit of advertising made me smile when I saw it last Saturday. It certainly gets the point across.

Lots Of Little Pumpkins

I guess it’s official — summer is pretty much over. The Safeway grocery store had these little dudes on display yesterday, and …

Beware Trespassers Will Be Composed sign on a birdhouse in Stayton Oregon

Beware Trespassers

I thought this little sign was cute. It reads: “Beware! Trespassers will be composted.” I found it on a birdhouse in a …