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Weather vane at sunset in Stayton Oregon

Anywhere You Want To Go

I happened to notice this weather vane on top of the Holm Building on 2nd Ave., a few evenings ago, and thought …

Sunset over Stayton Oregon

The Sunset Last Night

Guest photographer Dorothy Loftin took this photo of last night’s sunset, and boy is it pretty. Thanks so much, Dorothy!

Tree silhouetted at sunset in Stayton Oregon

About Last Night

There was a little bit of a sunset last night ’round these parts. Not a lot, just a little. Here’s that little …

Orange sunset over Stayton Oregon

Better Late Than Never

For the first time in forever (I may have stolen that line from somewhere), I forgot to post a photo for today. …

Windmill at sunset near Stayton Oregon

Play with the Wind

Continuing his knack for interesting rural scenes, guest photographer Tom Miller brings us this cool sunset shot. Thanks, Tom!

Barn and water at sunrise in Stayton Oregon

Celine’s Favorite Barn

This is awesome. Guest photographer Tom Miller went down to my favorite barn on the corner of 4th Ave. and Water St. …

The morning sky in Stayton Oregon

Yesterday Morning

Guest photographer Maryann Nielson caught this lovely morning sky yesterday. So that’s what it’s like to get up at daybreak. Thanks, Maryann.

A bird at sunset in Stayton Oregon

Throttle Back

This is too cool. Guest photographer Tom Miller caught this bird (a duck?) in flight at sunset. Thanks, Tom! HEY, PEOPLE, HEY! …