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Private property sign and gate in a field in Stayton Oregon

Private Property

I don’t know when this gate and sign went in on the land by the newish pedestrian bridge off of Florence St. …

White street bridge in Stayton Oregon


I’ve posted photos of this bridge (and the one I was standing on when I took the photo) before. But I like …

Trees by water in Stayton Oregon

Finding Peace

This was shot at the southern end of Stayton, right at the border of town, I think. It’s right next to the …

Bird & Hat Inn in Stayton Oregon

Spring At The Bird & Hat Inn

I passed by the Bird & Hat Inn bed and breakfast on 3rd Ave. yesterday, and thought it was looking rather lovely …

Pathway to Riverfront Park in Stayton Oregon

Perfectly Pretty Park Path

This path leads back to Riverfront Park at the south end of town, next to what I guess is a water treatment …

Spring tree blossom trees outside Stayton High School in Stayton Oregon

All In A Row

These gorgeous trees line one of the baseball fields at Stayton High School on Locust St. I like them. I took a …