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Old vehicle in Stayton Oregon

Back In Time

Here’s an old vehicle of some variety or another, which I spotted parked in a yard on Santiam St. Unless that bit …

Airplane over an old truck in Stayton Oregon

Stayton International Airport

Guest photographer Tom Miller had some good timing to catch this plane going over this cool old truck. Thanks, Tom! For the …

Cascade Pro Auto truck in Stayton Oregon

Movin’ On Up

This creative bit of advertising made me smile when I saw it last Saturday. It certainly gets the point across.

Country road just outside of Stayton Oregon

Two Lane Road

This is a shot of Fern Ridge Rd., just outside of town across Highway 22. Tomorrow I’ll post then & now photos …

Old truck and barn in a field near Stayton Oregon

Long May You Run

Guest photographer Tom Miller brings us another awesome rural scene for today. Thanks, Tom!

Classic white truck in Stayton Oregon

On Fire

I know I’ve posted a fair number of vehicle photos in the last week or so, but I couldn’t pass up getting …